We provide you with two things – a platform that allows you to find short term retail spaces easily, and an experienced retail and marketing team that is able to walk you through the whole process of renting and setting up a pop-up store.

How it Works

1. Search for spaces

Search through our listings of retail shops, event venues, and unique spaces to showcase your brand, product, and ideas. Save your favorite properties. Need help choosing a location? Just let us know and we will help you find that perfect space.

2. Connect and rent

Connect with our team. Our pop up consultants will answer any questions you have and handle the entire process of renting your space. We’ll help you deal with landlords and ensure you always get the best rates. Renters are not charged any service fees. Renting space through PopUp Angels is completely free!

3. Set up space

Get ready to set up shop! We will be on hand to provide you with any support you need. Need a designer or furniture? No problem! We work with trusted vendors to make sure you have everything you need to set up an awesome pop-up store.

Grow Your Business with Pop-up Shops

Let customers experience your brand with a pop-up shop

Create New Sales Channels

Pop-up shops allow you to reach new segments of customers which you couldn’t before.


Do away with lengthy rental contracts and expensive renovations.


Move your pop-up shop around various locations to reach new customers. You decide how long you want to run your pop-up shop for.

Test Your Idea

Pop-up shops allow you to test your products and launch fast. Gain invaluable insights and feedback from real customers.

Create New Experiences

Create a unique brand experience for your customers. Pop-up stores allow you to reach out to your customers in a different way.

Drive Seasonal Sales

Pop-up stores are perfect for selling seasonal goods. You can also use them to build awareness around certain periods such as the holiday shopping season.

Find Your Perfect Space

Start finding spaces now or let us recommend one for you